Honours Certificate Programme

The Honours Certificate Programme 2021-22 will be online till college reopens

The Honours Certificate Programme has been in existence for more than thirty years here at St. Xavier’s College. More recently, after Xavier’s got Autonomy, many of the courses offered in the Honours Certificate Programme moved to mainstream classes. This took the overall academics of the College to a higher level. However, there is always that segment of students who can handle bigger challenges. Hence, the Honours Certificate Programme continued to be offered by a few faculty stalwarts.


  1. To complement the regular curriculum, over and above and not at the cost of the regularly prescribed syllabus.
  2. To broaden and deepen the education both in terms of academic excellence and social relevance.
  3. To reward students for the extra work done beyond the requirements of the syllabus.
  4. Multidisciplinary experience – students of any discipline – Arts/Science/Mass Media/Management Studies can register for the Program offered either by their own or any other discipline.
  5. This HUB BASED program is truly Interdisciplinary and gives a holistic perspective in the space of academic pursuits.


The Honours Certificate Programme since 2016-17, is planned differently. The objective kept in mind is to offer our students opportunities to encourage inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary involvement academically. The major departments have been grouped into 3 ‘Hubs’ as follows:

The Interdisciplinary Hub System (cluster of departments)

Lingua – Humanities

  1. Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology
  2. BA (MCJ) formerly BMM
  3. BMS 
  4. Economics 
  5. English 
  6. Hindi 
  7. Psychology 
  8. Sociology and Anthropology 
  9. Statistics 

Biological Sciences

  1. Biotechnology 
  2. Botany 
  3. Caius Research Laboratory 
  4. Life Science & Biochemistry 
  5. Microbiology 
  6. Zoology

Physical Sciences

  1. Chemistry 
  2. Information Technology 
  3. Statistics


  1. Department of Inter-Religious Studies (DIRS)
  2. Heras Institute 
  3. Indian Musical Group (IMG) 
  4. Language Lab



  1. The Honours Certificate Programme is voluntary and optional, however, opting for the program requires seriousness and commitment. 
  2. One credit is equivalent to the involvement of 15 hours of intense and dedicated work.


For FY Students 

Overall 70% at the 12th Standard is mandatory

For SY and TY Students

CGPA of 7 with NO Failure/ATKT in the courses of the subject in the preceding years

Marksheet picture/photocopy must be submitted


To receive the Honours Certificate a student must obtain: 

  • At least one credit from the Hub at each level – FY, SY and TY
  • A maximum of three credits per year can be acquired

Involvement over three years of graduation is mandatory 

A student who does not fulfill 75% of the attendance and has not cleared the stipulated academic courses will be disqualified 

A CGPA = 7 at the TY level is mandatory for receiving the Honours certificate.

Please note: An additional fee of Rs 500 to be paid at the TY level for the Honours certificate if a student qualifies.


7 credits over six semesters – FY, SY, TY


A Consent Form has to be submitted – one form per student

  • Honours Registration Fees is Rs. 700/- per student, to be paid every year – FY, SY and TY. Activity fees will be additional. This year the registration and activity fees will have to be paid in February 2022.
  • The student should finalize the activities and fill in the table given in the consent form  
  • All details with the disclaimer must be signed by the student and the parent before emailing it (as a PDF) to honours@xaviers.edu 

To receive the HCP certificate a student must register in the hub from where the certificate is being conferred  

Students registered for an activity will receive an e-credit card on successful completion of the activity

For FY Students

Most of the honours activities will be conducted in the vacations this year.

FYBSc students, do not be in a hurry to fill the consent form for Honours until you are sure of continuing in St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.  

If you have applied for any of the professional courses and you are awaiting the results, be patient and do not hurriedly fill-up the consent form.

For SY and TY Students

A Second Year student can register for the program in retrospect with due sanction from the VP (Academics).

A Third Year student who has not registered for FY and SY cannot register in retrospect.

Any difference in interpretation of the above rules will be resolved finally by the VP (Academics).

  • Consent Form Submission for SY and TY

    Last Date: 10 September 2021

  • Consent Form Submission for FY

    Last Date: 30 September 2021