Admission Policy

Admission of students into the Autonomous Degree Courses will be on the basis of the aggregate marks in the qualifying examination or its equivalent, for both the undergraduate and the postgraduate courses, unless specified otherwise.

For the Bachelor in Management Studies (BMS) & Bachelor in Mass Media (BMM) Courses, unlike other courses, the students come from all 3 faculties (Arts, Science & Commerce) where the marking systems are very different. Hence, an Entrance Test for these courses will be conducted for admission purposes.

For the M.A. in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology an Entrance Test will be held for students from faculties other than Arts and other Universities. The M.A. in Public Policy (MPP) will hold an Entrance Test for all aspirants.

All applications for admissions to any undergraduate or postgraduate degree course should be submitted by the date notified by the College. Late applications may not be accepted.

Admissions can be considered to be granted only when the full fees for the academic year are paid, an official receipt has been issued and the name of the applicant appears on the relevant rolls. Payment in full or in part can be condoned or deferred only by the Principal.

All admissions, both of undergraduates and post-graduates, are valid only for one year and are therefore to be renewed for each subsequent year of study.

A student will not be re-admitted to the College if he / she has:

  • Had three unsuccessful attempts at the same examination.
  • Been debarred twice within the first four semesters.
  • Serious complaints of indiscipline against him / her in that year.