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Guidelines for Students – End Semester Examinations 2022

● Admit Cards have been made available to the students online. Students need to log in using their UID, download and print the Admit card. Any difficulties with regards to this should be brought to the notice of the Exam Centre much in advance. 

● Every student is required to display this Admit card at the time of attendance, in the beginning of the exam. Any student who fails to do so will not be allowed to attempt the examination. 

● The use of the Admit Card of another student and the lending of an Admit Card to another is unacceptable and will attract strict action from College. 

● Please ensure that you have one other Government approved ID with you (Aadhar or Voter ID, etc) where your name and picture is properly displayed. 

● Students should not resort to any kind of malpractices such as carrying written notes or chits, exchanging answer books, oral communication, things written/ scribbled on the writing pad or having ANYTHING written on their palms or arms or masks in an attempt to copy from self or another student. Random checks will be conducted. 

● Mobiles/ programmable calculators/ smartwatches/ or any other electronic gadget should not be found on your person or found within your reach for the entire duration of the exam. 

● Having notes on the person or any communication with another student as well possession of any of the above mentioned devices, will be considered as use of Unfair Means in attempting the exam. 

● If a student is detected using unfair means then the person will have to face the Unfair Means Committee constituted by the College. If the Committee finds the individual guilty, he / she will be given zero marks for that specific course or for all the exams of the concerned semester based on the recommendation of the committee. Even those found abetting such behavior will be given a similar penalty. 

● For an exam beginning at 8: 15 AM, the reporting time is 8 AM, exams starting at 10: 15 AM, the reporting time is 10 AM and similarly for an exam starting at 12:15 PM, the reporting time is 12 Noon. You shall report to the respective rooms as per the given examination schedule. Since it is likely

that you will be coming to college for the first time, please also factor that into your travel time and for being on time for the exam. 

● If you are late, i.e. 10 minutes after the commencement of the exam, you will not be allowed to attempt the paper. SO, please make sure that you are in your classroom at the stipulated reporting time. 

● Students will not be allowed to leave the exam for 30 minutes from the start of the exam. 

● Students will need to carry their own stationary, calculator, etc., You are not allowed to borrow or lend any stationary. Borrowing and lending things during the exam, will be considered as use of unfair means in the exam. 

● In the last 5 minutes of the exam, no additional supplements will be given to the students. The student is required to check all the details and tie up all the supplements together. 

All students with disabilities (SWD) are granted 20 min extra time per hour for ESE and additional exams. Special concessions granted are mentioned in the ‘Accommodation Letter/ Provision letter’. Students have to carry the original letter for all exams and produce it on request of the supervisor. You also need to carry photocopies of the letter, since a copy of the letter will be attached to the answer sheet of the student and hence they are expected to get their copies of the Provision letter made. 

● Kindly refer to the College Handbook for all rules and regulations pertaining to examinations. 

● All students are expected to follow Covid norms and wear masks while they are in Campus. They will have to leave the campus after they finish their exam for the day and not crowd in common areas like Canteen foyer quadrangles and corridors.

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