Call for Quotations RUSA

Inviting Quotations for Geology Consumable Items

St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) Mumbai, Department of Geology, is inviting quotations for the following items under RUSA 2.0 Scheme of the Government of Maharashtra: 

Sr. No.Item with SpecificationQuantity Required
1Glass Slides (Dimension 75mm x 25 mm thickness- 1.35 mm) for rock thins section preparation – 5 Boxes of 50 pieces each250
2Canada Balsam-2 bottles of 250 gm500 gm
3Araldite – standard Epoxy Adhesive (Resin 20 g+ Hardener 16g) -36 gm 10 boxes
4Bromoform-mineral separation grade-500 gm (2×250 gm bottles)500 gm
5Hydrogen Peroxide-4 bottles of 250 gm1000 ml
6Conc. HC1- 1 bottle of 500 ml500 ml
7Emery powder 5 Kg (400 sixe 2.5 kg & 120 size 1 Kg each)3500 gm
8Glass Cylinders with rubber stopper 1000 ml12
9Room Temperature Measuring Thermometer2
10Glass Strirer Approx 20 cm in lenght6
11Absolute Alcohol-2 bottle of 500 ml1000 ml
12Glass PetriDish-Diameter 4 inch36
13Acetone-1 bottles of 100 ml2000 ml
14Xylene-2 bottles of 250 ml500 ml
15Sodium Hexa-Metaphosphate -2 bottles of 500 gm1000 gm
16Glass Measuring cylinder 10 ml6
17Plastic Wash bottles6

Please send detailed quotation on company letterhead along with a soft copy of the PAN CARD, AADHAR CARD of Proprietor, and GST certificate to “The Principal, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai-400 001” should be emailed latest by 10 February 2022 by 5.00 p.m. to with a copy to

The original copy of the quotation should reach the undersigned on or before 12 February 2022, along with a PAN copy, AADHAR copy, GST certificate, and payment terms and conditions.

The quotation should mention the total amount including the discount and tax amount as applicable and clearly indicate the features offered.

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