Call for Quotations RUSA

Inviting Quotations for Botany Consumable Items

St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) Mumbai, Department of Botany, is inviting quotations for the following items under the RUSA 2.0 Scheme of the Government of Maharashtra: 

Sr. No.Particulars (Chemicals)Quantity Required
1Acetone (Extra Pure)1 Ltr
2Alcoholic Alpha Napthol100 g
3Ammonium Hydroxide500 ml
4Benedict’s Reagent500 ml
5Benzene500 ml
6Chloroform1 Ltrs
7Conc Hydrochloric Acid2.5 Ltrs
8Conc Sulpuric Acid500 ml
9Copper Sulphate500 g
10Cupric Acetate250 g
11Diethyl Ether1 Ltr
12Dimethyl Sulfoxide500 ml
13Dinitrobenzene100 g
14EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Teracetate)100 g
15Ethanol (Extra Pure)1 Ltr
16Ethyl Acetate500 ml
17Fehlings Solution A500 ml
18Fehlings Solution B500 ml
19Ferric Chloride500 g
20Furfuraldehyde Solution500 ml
21Glacial Acetic Acid500 ml
22Hexane500 ml
23Isoamyl Alcohol500 ml
24Isopropyl Alcohol500 ml
25Lead Acetate500 g
26Methanol5 Ltr
27Millons Reagent125 ml
28NADH100 mg
29Ninhydrin Powder25 g
30Nitric Acid500 ml
31Pentane500 ml
32Petroleum Ehter1 ltr
33Phenazone100 g
34Phluroglucinol25 g
35Picric Acid500 ml
36Potassium Dichromate500 g
37Potassium Iodide250 g
38Potassium Sodium Tartarate500 g
39Pyridine250 ml
40Resorcinol250 g
41SDS (Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate)500 g
42Sodium Acetate500 g
43Sodium Carbonate500 g
44Sodium Citrate500 g
45Sodium Hydroxide500 g
46Sodium Nitropresside100 g
47Toluene500 ml
48Zinc Dust500 g
Sr. No.Particulars (Glassware)Quantity Required
Funnel (3 Inch)12 Pcs
Pasteur Pipettes24 Pcs
Petridish (Big)12 Pcs
Petridish (Small)30 Pcs
Pipette (10 ml)12 Pcs
Pipette (1 ml)12 Pcs
Test Tube100 Pcs

Please send detailed quotation on company letterhead along with a soft copy of the PAN CARD, AADHAR CARD of Proprietor, and GST certificate to “The Principal, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai-400 001” should be emailed latest by 10 February 2022 by 5.00 p.m. to with a copy to

The original copy of the quotation should reach the undersigned on or before 12 February 2022, along with a PAN copy, AADHAR copy, GST certificate, and payment terms and conditions.

The quotation should mention the total amount including the discount and tax amount as applicable and clearly indicate the features offered.

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