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Final Submission of SIP Journal for SYs

SYBA, SYBA (MCJ), SYBMS, SYBSc, SYBSc (IT) (2021-22) 

The soft copy submission should contain the following:  

  1. The cover page of the file must be the SIP journal cover (available on 
  2. 25 hours NGO-centric work reports for the months of August 2021 to  December 2021. 
  3. NGO-centric work timesheet.  
  4. 5 hours Discipline-centric work report. 
  5. Discipline-centric work timesheet.  


1. You are expected to submit the completed S.I.P. file between 10 January  2022 and 15 January 2022, as per the table given below: 

Class SIP Coordinator
SYBA & SYBSc (IT) Ms. Jenipher Dsouza (
SYBSc, SYBA (MCJ) &SYBMS Ms. Roshen Thomas (

2. The last page of the file must be a testimonial write-up wherein, you could summarize your work experience, reflections and learnings and possibly along with photographs of the activities conducted.  

3. Submit these materials in a zip folder with the Roll Number, UID and Class as the subject. (Illustration: 001 200001 SYXX) 

The students who have not completed this S.I.P. mandate are required to contact the S.I.P. Department via by 15 January 2022.

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