Senior college students from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, are eligible to register for any of the six workshops being offered. This registration form will be open until Tuesday, 7 December 2021, 12:00 P.M. Seat allotment confirmation calls will be done by 10 December 2021. If you do not receive a call by then, it means there is no seat available for your choices.

Workshop Details/Descriptions are there within the form itself.


The Psychology Department proposes to conduct only WORKSHOPS (interdisciplinary, single credit) and the Annual Khandala SEMINAR (open only to psychology students, for 2 credits). The seminar theme has been decided as ‘VIRTUAL & REALITY’, but the seminar dates (Jan/Feb) will be finalized next semester and registration will happen later.

We have organized 5 WORKSHOPS for this semester, with 25 seats available in each. Themes for the next semester will be organized later. Registration fees for each workshop are Rs. 500/- We do not have separate activities for FY, SY and TY.

Psychology Workshops

Psychology workshops are opportunities for experiential learning beyond the prescribed syllabus for an interdisciplinary group (seats offered are usually 25 per workshop).

The themes are clearly from the field of psychology but have been adapted to suit an interdisciplinary group of participants.

The format is experiential exercises, discussion and input along with an application-based task to be completed after the workshop and submitted by the due date specified by the resource persons. (In the online format, participant’s audio and video feed will need to be kept on.) Frequent short breaks away from the screen will also be incorporated.

The grade assigned will be dependent on having attended the entire workshop (half Saturday and full Sunday) and submitting the required assignment to the resource person by the deadline (which is decided by the resource person, after conferring with the group). The resource person will assign the grade for participants.

Resource persons are usually alumni of the department from diverse fields of psychology who are willing to share their time and expertise with current students. 

Participants will need to register for the specific workshop on the form link, along with a consent letter and a commitment to pay the fee (Rs. 500/-) when we resume normal college on the physical premises. Once we get enough registrations, the form link will close and confirmation mails will be sent to participants. Participants can be senior college Xavier’s students from any department. There will be no refund on cancellation by the student. Seats are limited (around 25 seats per workshop) and allotted to those who register first. Some preference will also be given to TY students. Students are requested not to block the seats if they are not sure of their participation. Students cannot ‘transfer’ their booked seat to someone else either.

The activity of participation in the workshop covers 15 hours of work and is counted as a single credit with a grade assigned. If students are doing this to earn an Honours credit, then students also need to REGISTER in the Honours program itself. This is a yearly registration fee of Rs. 700 towards the Honours Program which is a VOLUNTARY co-curricular activity (it is done across all 3 years and a total of 7 credits are to be earned for final certification).

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