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Restarting of College in Offline mode


As per the instructions received from the Government of Maharashtra and Mumbai University, offline college sessions are to be started adhering to the standard operating procedures as listed by Mumbai University.

The college will reopen on 18th November 2021 post the Diwali vacation. The FY End Semester Exams are scheduled from 20th November to 30th November 2021, in ONLINE mode only.

In-person attendance for First Year (B.A, B.Sc, B.M.M, B.M.S, B.Sc IT, B.Com) students, will be permitted from the 1st of December 2021. Please note physical attendance is only permitted under certain terms and conditions laid down by the University of Mumbai and Government of Maharashtra. Permission to physically attend lectures/practicals in college is voluntary, conditional and also based on the ‘Standard Operating Procedure for COVID appropriate behaviour in Colleges Affiliated to the University of Mumbai’ as summarised below :
1. Student producing the valid document about being fully vaccinated (two doses) against Covid19 (GOI given certificate) on the AarogyaSetu app or in hardcopy, on every visit to college, at college entrance.
2. Submission of disclaimer form in hard copy with parental consent therein, submitted to the Departmental Head and obtaining a receipt of the same, and showing it if asked at the college entrance ( this will be sent to you via email by college at a later date).
3. Being found physically fit to attend college (normal body temperature, as detected at point of entry in college) every time the student attends.
4. Agreeing to strictly follow all the safety protocols and regulations as mandated by Government of India with regards to prevention of spread of Covid 19 (safety and precautions).

Please be informed that all the ‘in-college’ lectures will continue to be made available in recorded form by respective course teachers as has been the mandate in the past, for those who are unable to physically attend college. This will continue till the University of Mumbai officially declares that physical attendance for all students is mandatory. Your physical attendance in college for lectures/practical is welcome but entirely voluntary.

In mid-November all First-year students would be receiving an email with details about the documents which would be needed for physical attendance. You will receive instructions from your course instructors about the feasibility of in-person attendance after the End Semester Exams.

29 October 2021

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