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Naomi D. Satam clears UPSC in the first attempt

Naomi Dasharath Satam completed her B.A. degree in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, in 2019. This year she has cleared the Civil Services Examination in her first attempt with an All India Rank 162.

“I feel very grateful to my alma mater, St. Xavier’s College and my teachers here, for playing an integral role in my journey. My time in St. Xavier’s has been very consequential in shaping my personality and guiding me towards my goal. St. Xavier’s gave me the confidence to embark upon this challenging path and dream of succeeding in the very first attempt. At St. Xavier’s, I made friends whom I cherish even today and who have helped and supported me throughout this journey. The five years that I studied here not only helped me build strong foundations for my further studies but also nurtured in me, concern and compassion for the less privileged. 
St. Xavier’s has always excelled in balancing the pursuit of knowledge with responsibility towards society. Here we are encouraged to fly (provocans ad volandum), while still keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground. The values that I have learnt here; courage, humility, compassion, perseverance will stay with me forever. It is with these ideals that I hope to step into my new role as a civil servant. 
I am proud of my Alma Mater St. Xavier’s and I hope that one day, my alma mater will be proud of me.”

— Naomi Dasharath Satam

We are all delighted to learn about your achievements. It is a moment of pride for us to see that our young student clears this challenging exam in the first attempt itself. Your achievements will inspire our young students in Xavier’s for years to come!

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