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Declaration/Undertaking Forms – UG

Instructions for uploading the Declarations for Students Granted Admissions in the First Year

There are two declaration forms/deeds of undertaking which you and your parents/guardians should fill, sign and submit compulsorily on being granted admission in St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous) Mumbai, via the Google form.

  • It is mandatory to fill these declaration forms/deeds of undertaking in order to complete the admission process at St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai. 
  • These declaration forms/deeds of undertaking encompass your agreement to conform with the college rules and regulations (including following the attendance norms) and pledging confirmation of admissions only in St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. 
  • Failure to submit the declarations/undertakings duly filled and attested with signatures will lead to cancellation of admissions offered. 


  1. Print the form, fill it accurately, attest the accuracy of the same by affixing your signature and the signature of your parent/guardian at the bottom of the form in the slot provided and upload the scanned file as a PDF file (limit 1 MB). 
  2. In case you cannot print the form, write down the contents of the declaration verbatim on an A4 size paper, fill the relevant details and attest through your signature and the signature of your parent/guardian and upload the scanned file as a PDF file (limit 1 MB). However, it may be noted that a printed version is preferred over the handwritten version.(Note: Scanning of the form after filling it accurately can be done by using a scanner or by using scanning apps like adobe scan, Microsoft lens, Notebloc, etc., available freely on Android or iOS platforms for hand-held devices like mobile phones). 
  3. Please scan both the declaration forms/deeds of undertaking after filling and affixing the required signatures PREFERABLY AS A SINGLE PDF FILE. 
  4. The scanned document should be renamed as ‘College UID number & name of the student’ for example 208001HrishikeshSamant before uploading the same in the Google form.
  5. The scans should be clear, easily readable and not blurred or illegible.Declarations/Undertakings which are not clearly readable will be treated as null and void and the admission offered may be withdrawn. 
  6. If you are filling the form using your phone then after scanning the document, save it as a PDF and share it in your google drive for a convenient and quick upload in the prescribed Google form
  7. Click on the Google form link to upload the scanned file. Fill-up the relevant details in the Google form and then upload the filled declaration/undertaking file (through a file upload button in the Google form) from either the folder of your computer or the google drive on your phone.

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