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Applications for Student Council

St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, invites applications from  B.A./BSc./BMS/BSc.IT students for the position of Class Representative for the year 2021-2022.

  1. Criteria for eligibility: Students fulfilling the following criteria are only eligible to apply:
  • CGPA – 8.0 or above (on a grade scale of 10.0)
  • Attendance should be 75%
  • No course backlog
  • No disciplinary action records.
  1. Eligible candidates must submit a folder (labelled correctly with full name, Roll No, UID and Year to which they belong) containing the following documents via mail to
  • Filled Application Form (In the prescribed format only) 
  • Filled Nomination Slip (Fill it legibly in your handwriting. Scan and attach it with other documents in the folder correctly labelled.)
  • Signed Letter from Nominating Student (with UID, Roll No., Xavier’s email id)
  • Signed Letter from a student who is seconding (with UID, Roll No., Xavier’s email id mentioned)
  • Screenshots of email by which Nominating /Seconding Student has sent the required letter.

The last day to submit the application form and mentioned enclosures in a folder is 1 July 2021, 3:00 PM.

After scrutinising all applications, eligible candidates will be called for an interview, for which they shall be duly intimated via mail.

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