JC Notices

Online lectures: General Guidelines and Code of Conduct

  1. To maintain the decorum of the virtual classroom.
  2. To be punctual and disciplined.
  3. To dress up appropriately.
  4. To mute audio (microphone) and to switch off the video (camera) during the lecture except for the CRs.
  5. Not to share the lecture link with any outsider.
  6. Not to write any comments in the chatbox.
  7. Report to the teacher on his/her personal mobile/ WhatsApp, If students are misusing any tool or if you suspect an intruder in the class.
  8. No personal discussion and comments are allowed during the lecture session.
  9. Some technical and connectivity issues may crop up occasionally, but that can be resolved in due course of time.
  10. During lecture session, one screenshot of the full screen can be taken by one of the CRs to take count of students attending the lecture and the same can be forwarded to the teacher concerned after the class.
  11. All must co-operate for the successful implementation of online lecture sessions. Violation of the above guidelines and code of conduct would be punishable under the relevant sections of the Indian Cyber Act.

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