Online Course on ‘Indigenous Religious Traditions’

The Department of Inter-Religious Studies (DIRS) is offering an online course on ‘Indigenous Religious Traditions’ starting on 5 January 2021

Resource persons- Dr. Pranoti Chirmuley, HOD, Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology, St. Xavier’s College and Dr. (Fr.) Sebastian M. Michael, Director & Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Institute of Indian Culture.

Topics covered

  • Unique nature and identity of indigenous religious traditions
  • Commonalities and differences between various indigenous religious traditions worldwide
  • Contribution of indigenous values and lifestyles to global environmental consciousness
  • Erosion of indigenous identity and geopolitical representation
  • Social movements of indigenous peoples for their cultural identity
  • Power, politics and religion influencing indigenous communities
  • Religion, music and chaos
  • Religion and its functionalist connections

Open to all including Honours and Non-honours students!
1 transfer credit will be awarded
Certificate of Participation will be awarded to the others!

Course Fee: Rs 350 for Xavierites, Rs 500 for non-Xavierite students and Rs 700 for Working Professionals.

To register, fill the form below:

For queries, contact Akanksha Dabre on 8698995974

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