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Subject Allocation for FYJC Second Merit List students

Based on the online college admission forms submitted after 5:00 pm on 6 December 2020, students have been allocated the following subjects. Subjects have been allocated entirely on the basis of available seats. Students are hereby advised to make the online payment of fees on the payment link which will be available till 1:00 pm on 9 December 2020. (Refer Those who are not satisfied with the allocated subjects can send request mails to the Principal/Vice Principal, Junior College on The requests for change of subjects will be considered on merit and only if seats are available after the completion of the admission process.

Language & Subject Allocation for Second Merit List students by college authority:


11th std Online  admission form  numberStudent’s first  nameStudent’s  surnameLanguage  allocated by  college authoritySubject allocated  by College  authority
MU3127869 Sarthak Sheramkar Hindi Bio
MU1187360 Shamika Malpekar Hindi Bio
MU1214154 Shariya Ansari Hindi Bio
MU1176385 Sonali Gorame Hindi Bio

Group & Language Allocation for Second Merit List students by college authority:


11th std Online  admission form  numberStudent’s first  nameStudent’s  surnameGroup allocated  by college  authorityLanguage  allocated by  college authority
MU9341706 Ayushie Shahane MAR

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