Honours Certificate Programme

Life Science and Biochemistry

  1. Type of activity: Literature review
    Topic: Magnetoreception in the Living World
    Description: Magnetic forces are all pervading and equally penetrating on this earth. Living systems are known to get affected by this force. The proposed project expects students to read current and available scientific literature to find possible mechanisms by which living individuals cope with this stress at physical, physiological and molecular levels.
    Mode of evaluation: Literature review report submission and viva.
    Course coordinator: Dr. Prashant Ratnaparkhi prashant.ratnaparkhi@xaviers.edu
    No. of students: 5 SY and/or TY
    Course duration: Tentatively starting in January 2020 for the duration of the semester. Credit: 1
    Course fee: Rs. 300/-
  2. Type of activity: Lecture series
    Topic: Gene and Genome analysis
    Description: Advanced methods of Genome analysis and its applications in various fields. This lecture series will be conducted online on Zoom platform. Total of 5-6 lectures of two hours each (Evenings or weekends). Attendance compulsory for all sessions.
    Mode of assessment: Continuous evaluation and report or assignment to be submitted at the end of the program, continuous quizzes will be conducted.
    Course coordinators: Dr. Priya Sundarrajan priya.s@xaviers.edu and Dr. Sangeeta Shetty sangeeta.shetty@xaviers.edu
    Noof students: 10-20 SY and/or TY of all Biology disciplines
    Course duration: Tentatively starting, December-January, depending on the end semester exams, the course will be conducted over three months.
    Credit: 1
    Course fee: Rs.700/-
  1. Type: Lecture series and literature search
    Topic: Economical brain
    Description: The activity is aimed at introducing the students to the field of Neuroeconomics and Neuromarketing through lectures and discussion sessions conducted by experts from industry and academia. There will be 6 sessions of two hours each scheduled in the month of January and February. The knowledge gained will then be put to use by each student individually by conducting a literature search in the field, selecting a relevant topic and reviewing it through a presentation. The latter activity will be conducted in the month of March and April.
    Mode of assessment: Attendance and active participation in lectures, the review presentation and a viva will be used for assessment.
    Course coordinator: Dr. Radhika Tendulkar radhika.tendulkar@xaviers.edu
    Noof students: 20 SY and/ or TY students from Biological Sciences
    Course duration: Tentatively, January to April
    Credits: 2
    Course fee: Rs. 1000/-
  2. Type: Literature survey
    Topic: Surfing through Stemness
    Description: The activity focusses on the field of Stem Cell Biology and its potential in the betterment of human life. It is aimed at developing in students the ability to choose information correctly in the scenario of an information overload, especially from fast paced, dynamic fields such as Stem Cell Biology. The activity will be conducted from December to March. Enrolled students will individually conduct a systematic literature search in the field, select a relevant area/question, mind map the available literature and write a review article under my guidance.
    Mode of assessment: The constructed Mind Map, the review article and a viva will be used for assessment.
    Course coordinator: Dr. Radhika Tendulkar radhika.tendulkar@xaviers.edu
    No. of students: 5 SY and/ or TY students from Biological Sciences.
    Course duration: Tentatively, December to March
    Credits: 2
    Course fee: Rs. 500/-

For further questions/ clarification:
Department of Life Science and Biochemistry Honours Coordinator:
Dr. Manasi Kanuga
Email: manasi.kanuga@xaviers.edu

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