Programme Title: Language in Science Journalism: Responsible Use of Language in Scientific Writing

Guiding Instructor: Ms. Jyoti More (

Programme Duration: 15 Hours

No. of Credits Offered: 01 Transfer Credit

Course Fee: Rs. 500/- (Five hundred only)

Time Period: Six days in January, 2021

Register at: Language Lab

Contact: Ms. Jyoti P. More

Programme Introduction: With science and technology having become an inseparable part of our daily life, the creation of scientific awareness among the masses has become all the more important now than ever before.

Workshops through Language Lab: 3 Hours\ for 2 Days

Lab Practice: 4 Hours
Case Study: 3 Hours
Expert Talk: 1 Hour

Follow Up Session: 1 Hour
Participants: Students of B.Sc SY and TY only

Registration: Students send in their applications to and keep watching the Language Lab notice board for updates.

Assessment method: Assignments

About the Program: The UG students of science develop their own approach to scientific writing and back them with explanations, theory and logical justification. Language Lab is a setting where students are given the free will to develop their own writing style based on regular practice. If a student, during the bench-science phase of her or his career, manages to turn into an effective researcher, then the same aptitude, especially a healthy skepticism and a belief that every problem has a solution, will make the student a better journalist.

About the Instructor: Ms. Jyoti More is the Coordinator Language Lab, one of the most advantageous facilities available on the campus of St. Xavier’s College, aiming at helping students acquire proficiency in advanced language and soft skills necessary for effective career oriented communication. She took over as a full time instructor in the academic year 2013-14 and brings along the professional expertise required for computerised and audio visually aided Language Lab due to her prior tenure with organisations like Google Inc. and All India Radio.

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