Programme Co-ordinator – Dr. Ashma Aggarwal


2 (with experimental component)

1 (Only theoretical component)

Maximum no. of students: 10

Eligibility: Student belonging to any year (undergraduate programme B.Sc.) can apply but must meet the requirements of Honours/QEP programme as mentioned on college website.

Activity fees: 200/- (for one credit) / 400/- (for two credits)

Programme Proposal: Since ages, whether it was discovery of fire, making tools for hunting, plantation or in present times, the latest advancements in technology, humans have been in a constant quest to make life comfortable. This transition from Stone age to 21st Century has been possible through the combination of vision and Science. Every field of Science has been an integral component of our lives and has affected it directly as well as indirectly.

Chemistry has been one of the most important contributors in helping us raise the quality of our lives, infact it is so much involved/ingrained with our everyday lives that many a times we tend to miss its significance. From the toothpaste or soap we use, clothes we wear, the perfumes or fragrances we use to simple tea we take or the food we eat, Chemistry is in everything.

This programme is aimed at understanding the chemistry behind things that we most often use in our daily lives. Through this programme, a student will be

  1. Choosing any subject of significance to our daily need or requirement.
  2. Find the chemistry behind it. (Compulsory for everyone)
  3. Do a thorough literature survey from the time of its discovery and the consequent changes that have occurred. (Compulsory for everyone)
  4. Propose a new idea/design or method of preparation. (Compulsory for everyone)
  5. Conduct trial test/experiment to check the viability of the proposal submitted by him/her. (Compulsory only for students opting for 2 credits)
  6. Write an assignment on his/her work (Compulsory for everyone, Irrespective of no. of credits a student has opted for)
  7. Present the work in front of Faculty and students. (Compulsory for everyone, irrespective of no. of credits a student has opted for)

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