Name of the activity: Exploring Biology Using Computational Tools and Softwares

Concept note and Brief Abstract

Integration of computers in learning biology has become a necessity due to recent advances involving high-throughput techniques for data generation and analysis. Undergraduate students increasingly need training in methods related to finding and retrieving information stored in vast databases. An introductory course on various computational tools and Softwares for biological concepts is being offered by PG department of Biotechnology to address this need.

The course is designed to expose UG students to a variety of resources and their utility in solving concept based and research-based queries.

Modules within the course include:

  1. Biodiversity informatics – Role of computers in understanding the digitalization of web of life
  2. Molecular insights into Model organism (Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes)
  3. Exploring the world of viruses using computational tools and resources
  4. Computational software and tool aided visualization of Macromolecules
  5. Exploring Biochemical Pathways using Computational Tools
  6. Introduction to OMICS in Biological Science
  7. Role of computers in deciphering advances in biological systems.

Activity: Online Lecture cum demonstrations followed by activities.

Guiding Professor contact detailsNo of CreditsDurationEligibilityActivity FeesNo of students
Ms. Norine D’Souza
Assistant Professor, PGDBT

Dr Shiney Peter
Assistant Professor, PGDBT
1Once a week
(7 weeks) Wednesday – 5:00pm – 7:00pm
The activity will be open for TY Biological Sciences students and TY chemistry students with any biological sciences combination till SY. Interested SY students can also apply. Device with stable internet connection will be advisable for getting maximum benefit of the course.Rs.700/-Minimum Enrolment of 10 students.

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