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Alumnus Srikant Datar named dean of Harvard Business School

St. Xavier’s College is immensely proud of its alumnus Prof. Srikant Datar who is chosen to be the dean of Harvard Business School, the prestigious 112-year-old business school in Boston. He is the second person of Indian origin to don the mantle of the Dean of Harvard Business School. St. Xavier’s joins in celebrating the success of Prof. Datar because he walked through our portals as our bonafide student in the 1970s. He embodies for us the spirit of Xavier’s and our motto – Provocans Ad Volandum. An alumnus of 1973, Prof. Datar graduated with distinction in Mathematics and Economics from St. Xavier’s College. A degree from St. Xavier’s College, coupled with his desire to soar to great heights, Prof. Datar’s journey has taken him to the stars. His starry path has enabled him to travel from galaxy to galaxy. His journey is illuminated with a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management from IIM-A; becoming a Chartered Accountant, securing two Masters degrees from Stanford University and ultimately a PhD in Business from Stanford University – as the proverbial icing on the cake! St. Xavier’s College salutes Prof. Datar’s perseverance and determination to reach for the stars.

The metaphor of the eagle soaring high is a constant at Xavier’s College, and Prof. Datar embodies that analogy. His CV is a testament of his glorious rise from being an illustrious student to becoming a teacher who habitually won the Distinguished Teaching Awards of Excellence. He has become one of the prominent thinkers of business education and its future. His volume of publications manifests his research culture. Besides engaging in research, he has held several significant administrative positions such as the School’s senior associate dean responsible for faculty recruiting, for faculty development, for executive education, for research, and currently for University affairs. He is known as an innovator in education. His journey from St. Xavier’s College, one of the best in India to Harvard, the top echelons of education in the world is an inspiring narrative. Hard work and quality are its hallmarks. Harvard Business School and the world awaits Prof. Datar’s ingenuity. St. Xavier’s College wishes its alumnus, Prof. Srikant Datar, the strength to fly more riveting altitudes. Bon Voyage!

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