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FY and SY Results

Regular FY and SY students of the academic year 2019-20 are requested to click the following link to access their mark-sheet of the even semester.

The mark-sheet has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Government of Maharashtra and the University of Mumbai as indicated in an earlier notice on the college website.

Formula for calculating results as per Mumbai University circular

It may be noted that:

  1. All gracing norms of the college have been followed.  
  2. Any discrepancies that you perceive in the mark-sheet can be written in the following google form (Link Below). Valid requests will be corrected and will be intimated to the students through an email by the Examination Centre.

  1. According to the Mumbai University guidelines, students not satisfied with the marks obtained in the even semester of the academic year 2019-2020 can apply for an improvement exam in a few courses or all the courses. The improvement exams will be conducted as an additional exam when the permission for the same is granted by the University of Mumbai and the Government of Maharashtra. Students will need to fill an online form for the improvement/ additional exams which will be placed on the college website once the conduction of the exam is planned. 
  2. Hard copies of the marksheet will be provided once the college begins with face-to-face lectures.

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