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H.S.C. Board – Photocopy, Revaluation, Migration

Students can apply for Photocopy, Revaluation, Migration, etc, for all Compulsory subjects (except the ones where grades are given) the day after the results are declared online. Students can apply individually or through College on https://verification.mh-hsc.ac.in/  

All concerned rules, regulations and instructions are also provided on the HSC Board website.  Application for Revaluation is open from 17/07/2020 till 27/07/2020 and application for Photocopy from 17/07/2020 to 05/08/2020.

Also, the college has not yet received mark-sheets of HSC Board February 2020 from the Board Office. Further notice for collecting mark-sheet will be displayed on the college website once notified by the Board Office.

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