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Result of First Year UG, Second Year UG and PG-Part I Examination of March 2020

Marathi Letter Reference Mumbai University Circular S.No: Sampavamum/2020-21/4, dated May 22, 2020
And Letter No. UNI/2020/Meeting/Vishi-1/4131A dated May 08, 2020 & Mumbai University Circular S.No: Sampavamum/2020-21/1, dated May 18, 2020

The marks out of 100 (/100) for every course in the corresponding even semester (2nd for FY, 4th for SY and 8th for PG-1) will be calculated as a sum of two components namely

(1) Current (Even) Semester Internal Marks (CSI)

(2) Previous (Odd)  Semester Average Marks (PSA)

1Current (Even) Semester Internal Marks (CSI)
1.1 For any course the even semester Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA-1 and II) marks each out of 20 totalling to ‘out of 40’ will be scaled to marks out of 50. e.g. 
(i) Marks 20 /40 in a course will proportionately be 25/50.
(ii) Marks 35 /40 in a course will thus be 43.75/50 i.e 44/50
1.2If a student has appeared for only one of the two CIAs conducted, the marks for the absent CIA will be considered ‘0 out of 20’ in the calculation of 1.1. 
1.3If a student has not appeared for both CIAs, his/her marks will be ‘0 out of 40’ in 1.1.
1.4 The marks thus calculated in 1.1 will comprise 50% of the total marks out of 100 allotted to the current even semester in a course. 
2.Previous (Odd) Semester Average Marks (PSA)
2.1The average of marks of all the subjects (theory and practical) obtained by a student in the previous odd semester will be considered.e.g. If a class has a total of 6 courses each of 100 marks and a student scores 84, 83, 82, 91, 76 and 94 in each of the courses, then he has scored a total of 510 out of 600 (510/600 which is equivalent to 85/100or 42.5/50 rounded to 43/50).
2.2The average mark thus calculated in 2.1 will contribute to the remaining 50% of the total marks allotted to the even semester.
3Final result calculation of Current/Even semester
3.1The marks for a particular course:
Total Generated Mark (TGM) for current/even semester out of 100
Current (Even) Semester Internal Mark out of 50

Previous (Odd) Semester Average Mark

In the above e.g TGM = 25+43 = 68 out of 100.
3.2If a student fails in some of the courses under the above-mentioned marking system for the current/even semester, i.e. TGM is less than 40, the student will appear for the Special Even Sem (SES100) 100 mark examination in the same course of the even semester held within 120days of commencement of college.
3.3If a student is not satisfied with his/her marks obtained as per TGM and wishes to improve it, he/she can appear for SES100 held within 120 days of commencement of college.
3.4If student fails in SES100 (3.2) for a course he/she will appear for the Additional End Semester (even) exam of 100 marks for that course at the end of the odd semester of the academic year 2020-21.
4Students who have not appeared for the previous odd semester exams in some/all courses
4.1The student will appear for the Special Odd Sem (SOS100) 100 marks examination in those courses of the odd semester within 120 days of commencement of college. 
4.2The marks scored in SOS100 (whether pass or fail) will be used to generate TGM of current /even semester.
4.3If the thus generated TGM from SOS100

(4.3.1) is less than 40 for a course of the current even semester
           (i.e student fails in the course) 
(4.3.2) the student is not satisfied with the marks thus generated

then the student will appear for the Additional End Semester (even) exam of 100 marks for that course at the end of the odd semester of the academic year 2020-21. 
4.4If further a student fails in the SOS100 exam

(4.4.1) The student will appear for the Additional End Semester  
            (odd) 100 marks exam held at the end of the odd semester
            of the academic year 2020-21.
(4.4.2) If student has passed in TGM as stated in 4.2, the marks
            thus generated will not be changed based on 4.4.1.
(4.4.3) If student has failed in / is not satisfied with TGM as
            generated in 4.2, then the student will appear for the
            Additional End Semester (even) 100 marks exam held at
            the end of the odd semester of the academic year 2020-21
5.For courses in which the 60 mark end semester exam has been conducted prior to lockdown.
5.1The total marks out of 100 will be calculated in two ways as:
(5.1.1) 40 marks CIA (Current/Even Sem)
            + 60 marks End Sem (Current/Even Sem)
(5.1.2) 50% Internal (Current) + 50% Previous Sem Average 
            i.e TGM as mentioned in Point 3.1
5.2The best of the two marks thus calculated from 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 will be considered as the final marks for that course.
6.All notices regarding examinations will be displayed on class notice boards as well as the college website.
7. This circular must be read and understood in concurrence with theUGC circular and University of Mumbai circular that is attached.
8.In case of any inadvertent difference of interpretation / translation between this notice and those from the University of Mumbai, referenced herein, the latter will be held valid.

Note: For subjects with practical evaluation, the university has recommended that for courses where exams could not be conducted before the lockdown,  marks for practical exams can be determined on the basis of the journals, work ethic of the student combined with either an assignments which can be given to the students online or with a viva-voce which can be conducted through a conferencing app/phone call.

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