Note for Students and Parents (COVID-19 & Exams)

For the students of St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai

(Senior College, Junior College, Aided and Unaided courses, all certificates, diplomas and PG Diplomas, Post-graduate courses)

Update on March 29, 2020 | 12:00 PM

My Dear Students,

This is in continuation of my earlier note dated 22.03.2020, put up on the college website.  

I hope everyone is doing well and is with their families, safe and healthy. As we’re aware, the situation is becoming increasingly serious and uncertain.  

I hope that you were diligent in following the “Janta Curfew” on March 22. The lockdown imposed by the government, and similar actions taken globally, are a reminder that self-isolation or social distancing are the first step towards stopping this virus. It is important to know that every action of ours that is not aligned with these efforts further increases the burden on the real heroes- the medical staff, police and everyone else working constantly to continue providing essential services. 

My last note also emphasized on how the virus can use us as carriers, if not directly infect us. However, recent cases across the world have shown that the virus does not discriminate based on age and a majority of the cases also include the younger generation. I therefore urge all of you to continue following the guidelines and stay inside. Be wary of the information shared through unreliable platforms, and make sure to fact-check using credible sources such as the WHO website 

Current Situation

  • The Ministry of Home Affairs issued orders dated 24.03.2020 where they have declared a 21-day total lockdown, with effect from 25.03.2020.
  • The Government of Maharashtra issued notification for revised lockdown orders dated 25.03.2020 and specified total lockdown till 14.04.2020.
  • University of Mumbai REG/ICC/2019-20/31 issued notification dated 25.03.2020 ordering a lockdown of all colleges until 14.04.2020.


Even though the college had planned to reschedule final examinations post March 31st, it now looks difficult to implement. Looking at the current situation and the lockdown until April 14th, no examinations will be held until then. Even if the college reopens on April 15th, we will not be able to start the exams immediately. As assured in my previous note, the college will ensure that sufficient notice is given to everyone regarding the exam schedule.

I am aware that there are a few students in their final year who have not completed their SIP hours which were meant to be completed in the first two years of senior college. A decision will be made regarding these students once the college reopens. Following the guidelines issued by the government is important, so I urge you to first follow the distancing rules during this period and await further communication from us on this matter. Similarly, all internships for the upcoming summer vacation stand cancelled for the year and can be done later. What is important in this moment is that you stay at home, stay safe and ensure others’ safety by doing so.

Time at home

St. Xavier’s College is lucky to have talented students such as you. Use this time to be creative and innovative, to perhaps find a way to not only help yourself but also the larger community that we are a part of. As I had shared in my previous note, there are several online platforms that you can avail to your benefit. I am also attaching a government brochure regarding various other online platforms that can be helpful during this time. In addition to academics, take this time to take care of yourselves. It is proven that exercise can help with reducing anxiety and improving mental health. Thus, given the uncertain times that we are living in, I would highly recommend doing yoga or any other form of exercise that can help you stay fit, both physically as well as mentally. 

I am also trying my best to practice what I preach. While I spend most of my time in replying to official emails and being engaged in college-related work, I am also trying to get familiarized with some new software and digital tools, such as Zoom. I am also helping out in the kitchen and partaking in household chores, and trying to stay physically and mentally fit by practicing yoga regularly. It is good to remember that we may not get time at home like this again, so we should strive to make the most of it.

If you have any other concerns related to college, examinations or anxiety resulting from this situation, feel free to write to me at

Wishing you all good health and safety!

All the best,

Rajendra Shinde,

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