Heritage Hunt

Dear All,

For all those who would like to learn about our local history in a creative way….here are all the 200 clues we had set for the HERITAGE HUNT event at St. Xavier’s. There are 25 scrolls, with 8 spots each.

Scrolls & Answers

Read the creative message for participants and then pick up any scroll to try finding the locations. You can even make a picnic out of this with family and friends. There is a consolidated Answers sheet as well which you should access once you finish all 25 scrolls.

A Huge Thank you to all who helped put it together and all who participated with enthusiasm. It was lovely to see your bright, energized faces when you returned to the college campus having completed the task! May you continue to discover places and stories. We hope this activity helped you find joy in thinking and learning (using creative ways) and engaging with friends and family.

Here’s to a Sunday morning well spent!!!

Participants are welcome to upload photos on your own pages and Tag alumnixaviers 

You can also upload photos to the drive link given (Volunteers do upload your  team photos here).

Here’s a Drive link where you can upload any content related to the Heritage Hunt:

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