Obituary – Dr. Daruwalla & Dr. Nagarkatti

Teachers are a special kind,
In heart and mind and soul.
They’ve touched our lives in countless ways
Shared knowledge, both new and old.
In Xavier’s they spent many years
Amid students… that gave them pleasure,
And as we now say ‘Rest in Peace’,
Their memory we’ll always treasure!

Dr. Aban Daruwalla, of the Botany Department served in St. Xavier’s College from 16/7/1966 to 28/03/1993
Passed away on 21/09/2019.

Dr. Geeta S Nagarkatti (Rukmini), of the Zoology Department served in St. Xavier’s College from 20/6/1950 to 31/12/1984
Passed away on 01/11/2019.

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